Common questions about growing beautiful proteas

Will Proteas grow in alkaline soil ?

Good drainage is probably more important than your soil’s pH. We have found that most members of the Protea family will tolerate some alkalinity.

When do Proteas flower ?

If you plant a variety of the Protea family you can have flowers and colour virtually all year round.

How often should I water my plants ?

Proteas, just like most Australian natives, prefer a good drink once a week during dry periods and warmer months, rather than little and often.

When should I prune my Leucadendrons ?

Stems can be cut for the vase in Autumn, Winter and Spring. It is important to prune your Leucadendron in Spring to maintain a compact shape.

Will they grow in part-shade ?

Almost all of our plants will tolerate some shade, but red Leucadendrons will be much ‘brighter’ and ‘redder’ in full sun.

Will they grow in clay soil ?

Yes, but as they don’t like ‘wet feet’ choose a sloping position or a raised bed to improve drainage.

Will they grow in pots ?

They grow very well in pots. This is a good option for people with small gardens or heavy soil with poor drainage. Use both potting mix and fertiliser for natives.