How to Grow Proteas

How to Grow Proteas

A few tips to help establish your plants.


Full Sun and Reasonable Drainage

To grow proteas you need full sun and reasonable drainage. If you have clay soil, plant on a slope or a raised bed and add gypsum.

Slightly Acidic Soils

Slightly acidic soils suit all the species but we have found many of our plants tolerate some alkalinity.

No Additives Needed

When planting, simply plant level with the surrounding ground. No additives are needed. Water well.

Good Drinks Once a Week

Proteas, just like most Australian natives, prefer a good drink once a week during dry periods and warmer months, rather than little and often.

Careful with Fertliser

Be careful with fertilisers, some can be quite harmful, however in Spring you can safely apply a slow-release, low-phosphorous fertiliser (suitable for native plants).

Pruning Flowers

Cutting flowers is pruning the bush. Leucadendrons can be cut throughout the year and in Spring prune the remaining stems to maintain a compact bush. (As a rough guide leave behind about a third of each stem).

Potting Mix and Fertiliser

Any of our plants can be grown in pots. Use potting mix for natives and slow-release fertiliser for natives in Spring. When potting up, go up to the next pot size.